Brazilian Capirinha Mocktail

Though we don’t consume alcohol at home, the thought of a cold drink on Friday evening appeals to me very much. And I think not consuming alcohol shouldn’t limit our joys. We should still be able to welcome the weekend with a cold drink in hand.. relaxing.. with our feet up.. we just made it through the week.. and TGIF right!!!


Recipe :

In a bowl muddle pineapple chunks, mint, and lemon juice. All to taste. How tart or zesty you want it. Spoon this in to a glass.

Pour some sugar syrup, top with some pineapple juice. Mix. This mixture should make half your glass. .

Fill the rest of the glass with ice cubes and pour soda or alcohol. Place a sprig of mint and finish with a pineapple wedge. Serve cold..

Note :

So these caipirinha’s I think are made with white rum or vodka. If that floats your boat, go ahead. I am sure it’ll be great too..


And that’s Friday!!

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